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Starter $ 15/month* Billed monthly



Google Analytics, Google Optimize



Medium $ 35/month* Billed monthly



Google Analytics, Google Optimize, Mixpanel, Custom API

Email, Phone


Agency $ 70/month* Billed monthly



Google Analytics, Google Optimize, Mixpanel, Custom API

Email, Phone


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You can sign up and use the toolkit for FREE for 14 days for 3 web properties, just to make sure it suits your analytical needs. No setup fees and no credit card required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Maximum Websites defined?

Only applies to Google Analytics web properties. Irrelevant if you do not use the Google Analytics / Google Optmize data connection. Maximum websites is the maximum number of Google Analytics properties you can use at the same time in Analytics Toolkit. You can think of that as a number of slots. You activate Google Analytics properties you want to use in Analytics Toolkit. No less than 30 days after you activate a property, you can deactivate it, thus freeing a slot.

What does "All Tools" include?

This includes all tools in the toolkit: Google Analytics tools, A/B testing tools, and SEO tools. You can see all tools on the homepage or in the respective drop-down menu in the main navigation of the site.

What are "AGILE A/B Tests"?

AGILE A/B testing is a method for statistical design and evaluation of A/B tests that allows much more efficient testing and higher ROI as result. The limit applies to our AGILE A/B testing statistical calculator tool and refers to the maximum number of tests you can run at the same time or store information about. You can delete tests at will.

What customization options are available?

Some tools include customization options, like custom view filter names for the Auto Spam Filters and Easy View Filters tools. This also includes advanced control options such as the ability to select individual properties to apply Auto Spam Filters protection to.

How do I sign up?

You start with a free 14-day trial for 3 web properties and 2 AGILE A/B tests with no limit on usage of our other tools. There is no setup fee and we don't ask for your credit card until you've determined Analytics Toolkit is the right product for you. You can sign up from here.

Can I switch plans?

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. We adjust the date of your first payment so any prepaid remaining time counts towards your new plan.

How do I cancel my payment subscription?

You can cancel your payment subscription at any time for any reason using the "cancel your subscription" link in the Account Overview screen (it only appears once you are subscribed) or by contacting us. Should you desire to do so, you can also delete your account with us at any point.

Which payment types do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards as well as payments via PayPal.

Support options?

Some of our plans feature only e-mail support. Most e-mails will be answered within 24h (usually much faster). If you sign up with a plan including Phone support we will be available to answer your questions via Phone.

Other questions?

Fill out our contact form or call us at (+1) 213-406-7637 and we'll be happy to anwser them!