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Meta analysis calculator

Gain insights about the results of sets of A/B tests. Compute p-values and intervals for average outcomes across multiple A/B tests or a cumulative outcome from a series of experiments over time.

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Versatile meta analysis calculations

  • Various inputs can be provided: p-values, z-scores, confidence levels, and both relative difference and absolute difference confidence bounds
  • Supports calculations for relative lift (for binomial metrics) and for difference in means (for continuous metrics)
  • Outputs the average or cumulative effect and all possible meta analysis statistics based on the input
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A tool with real value if you know how to use it. Might seem intimidating at the beginning, but it tries to provide flexibility, accuracy and optimization in your statistical analysis instead of over-simplification.

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Arnau Vendrell
Co-Founder, iSocialWeb Marketing

At Cro Metrics, we've run tens of thousands of experiments for leading brands. Analytics Toolkit and the AGILE test calculator represent a step above and beyond every one of the other tools we've used.

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Ryan Lucht
Director of Strategy, Cro Metrics