A/B testing

Multiple comparisons calculator

Adjust p-values and confidence levels for multiple comparisons. FWER and FDR error control for online controlled experiments.

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Adjust statistics for multiple comparisons

  • Useful when one of multiple A/B test metrics can lead to action
  • Family-Wise Error Rate control through the Šidak correction
  • False Discovery Rate via the Benjamini–Hochberg–Yekutieli correction
  • Supports p-values or confidence levels as input
A/B testing tools

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A tool with real value if you know how to use it. Might seem intimidating at the beginning, but it tries to provide flexibility, accuracy and optimization in your statistical analysis instead of over-simplification.

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Arnau Vendrell
Co-Founder, iSocialWeb Marketing

At Cro Metrics, we've run tens of thousands of experiments for leading brands. Analytics Toolkit and the AGILE test calculator represent a step above and beyond every one of the other tools we've used.

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Ryan Lucht
Director of Strategy, Cro Metrics