AGILE A/B Testing Calculator

This tool implements a new paradigm in AB testing: the AGILE statistical method, which allows for running A/B tests with up to 80% better efficiency! It allows flexibility to monitor results on accruing data while maintaining the error-rates of your split tests. AGILE testing is ideal for experts in conversion rate optimization, landing page optimization, e-mail marketing, SEO, PPC. To use this tool, you need to sign in to Sign In or Free Trial.

Maximize the ROI of your A/B tests!

Differentiate between noise and data, error from real results while keeping your sample sizes as small as possible! Minimize the budgets wasted chasing unpromissing variants and quickly find real winners in order to maximize the ROI of your AB testing efforts. The AGILE A/B testing calculator helps you easily design and analyse statistically rigorous AB and MVT experiments, so you can be confident of the results.

The AGILE statistical significance calculator uses cutting-edge statistical concepts that handle for your the complexities introduced by flexible monitoring, stopping for futility, testing multiple variants, and others. Smart statistical adjustments reduce or eliminate bias in statistical significance, confidence intervals and lift estimates and allow you to interpret AB testing results with confidence. This statistical calculator also helps you run properly-powered tests in order to minimize the probability of missing true winners.

  • 20-80% faster A/B & MVT tests versus equivalent fixed sample designs
  • Flexibility to perform interim analyses and evaluations
  • Early stopping for both efficacy & futility (lack of positive effect)
  • Control of the tolerance for false positive and false negatives
  • Automatic retrieval of test data from Google Analytics
  • No more illusory AB testing results!

AGILE A/B Testing Calculator

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AGILE A/B Testing Calculator - Video Transcript

Wouldn’t you like it if you could run A/B tests several times faster than current best-practice methods allow?

Don’t you want to be flexible in monitoring your tests as they go, without biasing your statistics?

Do you want to identify and stop futile tests quickly so you can focus on more promising ones?

You can now do all the above with the help of the AGILE A/B Testing Calculator.

It is based on the AGILE Statistical Method for conducting A/B tests in Conversion Rate Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, and other areas where scientific experiments can be applied to drive better business results.

The AGILE A/B Testing Calculator allows you to run A/B & multivariate tests 20-80% faster than traditional fixed sample designs and gives you the flexibility to monitor results as they accrue. It is based on proven and time-tested statistical procedures used in medical research.

It can help identify better versions quicker so you can implement them sooner, improving your bottom-line. It also helps detect unpromising tests quickly allowing you to cut revenue loses and the time committed to them.

All the while the tool helps you maintain rigorous statistical control over false positives and false negatives.

The AGILE calculator is designed to be used alongside an existing tool for delivering A/B or MVT tests. The test data is then entered manually or syndicated automatically, for example from your Google Analytics account.

To experience AGILE sign up for a non-obligatory free trial and explore our free white papers and articles on AGILE A/B testing. Start running more efficient A/B tests today!

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Tool Characteristics

Automation Partial / Full

Time-Saving 10x-20x

Unique Tool Yes / No

API Only N/A

Expertise Level Novice / Experienced / Expert

How to use this statistical calculator?

The tool is designed for usage in conversion rate optimization (CRO), landing page optimization (LPO), e-mail marketing, SEO, and PPC experts in mind. The basic flow is such: design a test, run the test and input data as it accrues, and finally analyse results. We support automatic data retrieval of A/B test data from Google Analytics, given that you use custom dimensions to differentiate between users or sessions exposed to the different test variants.

The tool is quite intuitive to use and has plenty of contextual help on each screen, but we would recommend reading through our AGILE testing white paper or the AGILE testing blog series we have put together to make best use of it.