Google Analytics Productivity Toolkit

Unrivalled productivity-enhancing tools are what our toolkit is all about. Enjoy performing Google Analytics tasks quickly and easily - from audits and setup work to reporting and analysis. Allow our tools to take care of the boring and repetetive tasks so you can focus on more exciting challenges.


Everyday Analytics Tasks

Our tools help you automate profile, filters and goals set up and copy/paste operations, GA audits and data verification. Doing checklist setup audits is now easier and faster than ever. E-commerce data quality assurance is done in a second. Applying best-practice view filters is no longer a boring and timely task. By automating all these tasks this toolkit allows you to focus on more strategic reporting, analysis and decisions instead of repetitive tasks.

Automate Analytics Tasks

Novices and Analytics Experts

For Experts and Novices Alike

Most tools in the toolkit can be used by a novice Google Analytics user without a hassle. They are self-descriptive and have ample messaging to make sure that you can accomplish what you want without the possibility of introducing errors on the way. Novice users will improve their expertise while expert users will like the versatility and many options our tools have.


Analytics Expertise
at a Fraction of the Cost

Many years of Google Analytics expertise has gone into making those tools. They'll make smart suggestions and recommendations for you and will help you adopt best practices in your web analytics.

Google Analytics Expertise

Greatly reduce error possibilities

Reduce the Risk of Errors

Since the tools are so automated, they greatly reduce the risk of errors due to mistakes that can happen when doing setups or audits manually. This will heavily reduce the possibility for having data quality issues.


Easy Switching Between Tools

This toolkit combines many tools under one roof. You can easily switch from tool to tool while working on a particular project (and hence -> Google Analytics account or property). It's another time-saver on top of all the above.

Easy Switcing Between Tools

Our Clients About Us

The value added to our agency by these tools is tremendous. I would say it provides Inflow with the best bang for the buck out of any tool we pay for. [ full testimonial ]

Chris Hickey
Director of Inbound Services, InFlow

It's very helpful tool if you have to manage multiple GA accounts. It takes away all the stress and does a lot things with just a press of button, rather than us spending ages. [ full testimonial ]

Yasmeen Kaur
Web Analyst, New Zealand Automobile Association