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Cutting edge statistics for A/B test planning & analysis

Conducting robust and efficient A/B tests with optimal return on investment has never been easier. Enjoy shorter test durations with AGILE and get optimal business returns through our unique system for balancing risk and reward in online experiments.

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Advanced statistics

Test efficiently with cutting edge statistics

Enjoy 20-80% faster tests, flexible test monitoring with the AGILE testing method, ROI-optimal planning, and cutting edge statistical methods in all tools. Discover why Analytics-Toolkit.com is spearheading the application of statistics in online A/B testing since 2014.

Enable your A/B testing program while maintaining statistical rigor unlike multiple other offerings.

Our tools are designed by Georgi Georgiev who literally wrote the book on statistics in online A/B testing.

ROI optimal tests

Plan A/B tests for optimal business returns

Forget the difficult process of juggling test durations, confidence levels, minimum effects of interest, and power levels. Deliver optimal business returns by letting our software search all possible plans until it arrives at an ROI-optimal statistical plan. The input is a combination of basic parameters and business-case details.

The daunting task of balancing business risks and rewards to come up with a test plan is no longer an issue. No more wondering how long to run a test for and with what confidence level. The feedback loops involved in this balancing act are resolved by using the A/B testing hub wizard in "Advanced mode".

False positive and false negative error control

Robust statistics you can trust

You can be confident with the calculated statistics as they have been thoroughly tested through millions of simulations.

The integrated test planning and analysis experience means the tools automatically apply the correct statistical adjustments and help you avoid most misapplications of statistical methods.

Where other tools leave you unsure of how-to use them correctly or let you proceed oblivious to hidden assumptions, Analytics Toolkit offers a guiding hand through thoughtful user experience, detailed contextual help, and accompanying technical documentation.

Robust statistical calculations

Drive action with metrics that matter

Analyze metrics that stakeholders care about such as average revenue per user. Non-binomial (continuous) metrics are supported in all tools so your A/B test results can more easily drive action.

Such metrics are generally more informative than simple conversion rates and are typically closer to the business bottom-line, making them perfect as primary metrics for most A/B tests.

A/B test data sources

Easily connect your test data

Easily connect your test’s data with our statistical analysis and A/B testing tools. The preferred way for technologically enabled customers is to employ our easy-to-use Data API to send your test data to the Toolkit. Extracting test statistics can also be automated through our Reporting API.

Manual data entry is also supported if one cannot use any of the above methods.

A/B testing learning center

Level up your knowledge

Deepen and widen your understanding of A/B testing and statistical methods with the help of our learning center. Improve the way you plan and analyze A/B tests with the help of our articles, how-to guides, white papers, and the most thorough glossary of A/B testing statistics terms.

A/B testing tools

Take your A/B testing to the next level

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See what our clients have to say

A tool with real value if you know how to use it. Might seem intimidating at the beginning, but it tries to provide flexibility, accuracy and optimization in your statistical analysis instead of over-simplification.

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Arnau Vendrell
Co-Founder, iSocialWeb Marketing

At Cro Metrics, we've run tens of thousands of experiments for leading brands. Analytics Toolkit and the AGILE test calculator represent a step above and beyond every one of the other tools we've used.

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Ryan Lucht
Director of Strategy, Cro Metrics