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State of the art statistics for A/B tests

Up to 80% faster tests. Unrivaled statistical rigor. Experiments planned for optimal business returns.

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Faster tests icon Act faster with AGILE sequential testing

Benefit from winners earlier and cut losers as quickly as possible to maximize revenue without compromising your test’s statistical guarantees.

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ROI-optimal tests icon Plan A/B tests with optimal business returns

Run tests with the right confidence requirements and for just as long as needed. Achieve optimal balance of business risk and reward with our unique test ROI optimizer.

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Robust statistics icon Enjoy statistical results you can trust

Statistically rigorous online A/B tests have never been as easy to plan and analyse. Revenue-based metrics help convince stakeholders and drive action.

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A/B Testing Hub

A/B testing statistics done right

A/B testing calculator

Smart and rigorous statistics are often the missing driver of success for CRO & UX teams.

Free online tools are too simple, inefficient, and invite malpractice. Many others appear statistically sound yet make compromises with the very essence of what that means. Claims of tests optimal for your business are made while failing to take any business metrics as input.

The A/B testing hub changes all that and helps you make the most of your online A/B tests.

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“Unrivaled statistical rigor combined with a unique method for planning tests for optimal business returns”

Georgi Georgiev

Georgi Georgiev
Founder of Analytics Toolkit and Author of Statistical Methods in Online A/B Testing

Knowing your way around stats?

You can use any of our statistical tools as a standalone calculator as well:

Multiple ways to connect your data

Google Analytics Google Optimize MixPanel Analytics Toolkit API
Analytics tools

Analysis Tools

Faster insights from your analytics data

All important metrics of the web properties you manage available at a glance in our Google Analytics dashboard. A smarter way to gain insights with multi-metric weighted sorting and by automatically surfacing only statistically actionable data is available in our Smart Data Explorer.

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Smart Data Explorer
Smart Data Explorer

Explore your Google Analytics data in a smart way.

Focus on what's really important and produce action-oriented data. Smart statistical sorting and filtering.

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Analytics Dashboard
Analytics Dashboard

All your client's most important metrics at a glance.

Check the vital metrics from all your client's Google Analytics properties at once. SEO, SMM & Paid Ads dashboards.

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Google Update Checker
Google Update Checker

Have you been affected by a Google algorithm update?

Find out in seconds if your site has been affected by one of the many Google Algorithm updates. Unique tool for SEOs and webmasters.

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E-commerce validation tool previewGoogle Analytics health status checker previewGoogle Analytics copy-paste preview

Google Analytics Tools

Improve your Google Analytics tracking

Level up your Google Analytics game and cut down execution times on common tasks from hours to seconds. Automate key setup & maintenance tasks so you can spend more time on analyses and gaining insights from your data. Only Universal Analytics is supported.

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Chris Hickey
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Level up your knowledge of A/B testing statistics

All our content is by Georgi Georgiev who literally wrote the book on statistics in online A/B testing!

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The new standard for planning and analyzing A/B tests is here

The first major overhaul of Analytics Toolkit since its release in early 2014 has finally arrived and it brings with it solutions to many of the hard questions facing practitioners when planning and analyzing A/B tests...

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