About Analytics Toolkit

Analytics-Toolkit.com launched officially in early 2014 with initial focus on providing a Google Analytics productivity suite for online marketers, CROs, and web analytics specialists. Since then it expanded heavily into providing A/B testing tools and now offers a dozen state-of-the-art tools for planning and analyzing A/B tests.

The highlight of the toolkit since late 2021 is the A/B testing hub which integrates multiple statistical tools under its hood which allow it to deliver up to 80% faster tests with unrivaled statistical rigor combined with the ability to plan experiments with optimal business returns. You can see the Benefits page for a detailed overview or go to the A/B testing hub page for the features related to A/B testing stats.

Who Are We?

Georgi Georgiev

Analytics-Toolkit.com is a project developed and managed by Web Focus LLC (founded 2008).

Leading the company is online business veteran Georgi Georgiev bringing in more than 15 years of experience in the fields of web development, SEO, SEM, Analytics, and Web Usability, as well as 7 years of experience with statistics and design of experiments. He is one of the first Google Analytics specialists certified by Google (Mar 2009) and frequently appears as speaker/lecturer/trainer at industry events. This includes leading Google-organized trainings for advertising specialists in his capacity as a Google Partners Certified Trainer in AdWords & Analytics, judging CRO awards, as well as developing and delivering online courses such as the "Statistics for A/B testing" course for CXL Institute.

Mr. Georgiev is also the author of the book "Statistical Methods in Online A/B Testing", a first of its kind methodological work in the field of online experimentation. His direct involvement in designing, building, and testing the statistical tools now part of the Toolkit is a guarantee for their high quality and rigor. He also authors all of the educational materials you can find in our Learning center, including in-depth articles on statistical topics, how-to guides on conducting A/B tests, the A/B testing glossary, and our groundbreaking white papers.

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