Google Analytics Easy View Filters

Quickly and easily apply best-practice filters to one or more views, across properties and accounts. A must have tool for Google Analytics professionals. Use it now: Sign In or Start Free Trial.

Easiliy Setup Commonly Used GA Filters

This tool helps you apply commonly-used filters and best-practice filters to one or more views at once, even across accounts. Extremely useful when managing multiple properties and accounts.

  • Lowercase Campaign Tracking & Event Tracking Dimensions
  • Prepend Hostname to Page URL
  • Desktop/Mobile/Tablet Only Filters
  • Better Social Traffic Tracking
  • Rewrite URL Parameters
  • ... and more!

Google Analytics Easy View Filters

Tool Characteristics

Automation Partial / Full

Time-Saving 10x-100x

Unique Tool Yes / No

API Only Yes / No

Expertise Level Novice / Experienced / Expert

How to use the easy view filters tool?

Just select the views you want to apply filters to, select one or more filters to apply and then click Apply. It's as simple as that. Filters will be applied across views, properties and accounts in seconds.