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Referrer Spam Blocker

Annoyed by polluted traffic stats in Google Analytics? Tired of updating & creating filters just to keep your stats in good shape? Protect hundreds of views from referral spam and ghost traffic with a single click!

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Get rid of Google Analytics referrer spam

Extremely useful when managing multiple Google Analytics accounts, properties, and views that need spam protection.

  • Easy-to-use set-and-forget referral spam blocker
  • Automatically applies and updates filters that exclude ghost traffic and referrer spam traffic from your reports
  • Blocks referrer spam, language spam, and events/pageviews spam
  • Frequently updated spam database

How to use the spam blocker tool

Simply flip a checkbox and the tool is armed and ready to block referral spam from reaching your Google Analytics data, as well as most language spam, event spam, page & page title spam.

It automatically applies filters to all views you have active in It will then auto-update the filters whenever new spam is detected. The effect of view filters in GA is not retroactive.

You can select some views to exclude from it, for example backup or raw data views kept for redundancy. As a bonus you can also use the instrument to apply IP filters for your internal traffic.

Google Analytics referrer spam protection
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Get rid of refferer spam for good

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From time-saving tools to quick and amazing support (in the rare case) it is a must have. Analytics-Toolkit is truly a must-have for any large analytics team.

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Thomas Bosilevac
President and Founder, MashMetrics

The value added to our agency by these tools is tremendous. I would say it provides Inflow with the best bang for the buck out of any tool we pay for.

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Chris Hickey
Director of Inbound Services, InFlow