Google Analytics View Copy/Paste

Tired of copy-pasting one goal after another between Google Analytics views? Use this tool to quickly and easily copy and paste a Google Analytics's view settings, filters and/or goals to another view (profile), even across accounts. Use it now: Sign In or Start Free Trial.

Google Analytics copy/pasting made easy!

Using this tool you can easily copy views (profiles) within a single property, between properties or even between Google Analytics accounts. You can paste to an existing view or create a new one on the fly. Extremely useful when a site overhaul requires you to update all goals in all those nice views you have in place for it.

  • Quickly copy/paste settings from view to view
  • Quickly copy/paste multiple goals from view to view
  • Quickly copy/paste multiple filters from view to view
  • Easily create new views from existing ones
  • Works between properties or accounts!

Google Analytics Copy/Paste

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Google Analytics Copy/Paste Tool - Video Transcript

In this video we present the Google Analytics Copy Paste Tool from

The Google Analytics Copy Paste tool is especially useful when setting up or updating configurations across many accounts, properties and views. It helps you copy/paste view settings, goals and filters across accounts and properties, as well as to easily create new views based off existing ones.

Start by selecting the account, web property and view you want to copy from. By default, our tool selects the same account and property as a destination, but you can easily override that and select another account and property.

You can select an existing view to copy to, or create a brand new view.

With Google Analytics Copy Paste you can copy all, or just some of the goals, and you can copy goals, filters and view settings entirely separately.

Advanced options allow you to control whether to overwrite existing goals and filters, or to preserve them, making the tool extremely flexible.

Managing complex Google Analytics setups or applying the same changes to dozens of views in different accounts and properties has never been easier. Sign up for our free trial today!

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Tool Characteristics

Automation Partial / Full

Time-Saving 10x-50x

Unique Tool Yes / No

API Only Yes / No

Expertise Level Novice / Experienced / Expert

How to use the copy/paste tool?

Simply select where to copy from and where to copy to. Choose whether to copy settings, goals, filter or any combination of them. Choose if you want to copy all or just some of the goals. You can overwrite existing goals/filters or simply add new ones on top.

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