Google Analytics Health Status Checker

Accomplish in seconds what would take an experienced analyst 30-60 minutes. This tool checks your analytics settings and data for any issues and makes sure you are following best practices. It does over 30 different types of checks and can result in a 60-line detailed report. To use this tool, you need to sign in to Sign In or Free Trial.

Detailed Google Analytics Audit in 30 Seconds!

The tool works by analysing your Google Analytics property and profile settings as well as actual data gathered. It does over 30 different types of checks to make sure your Google Analytics setup is on the right track. Running the tool can produce up to 60 lines of detailed issue descriptions and recommendations for fixes and solutions to the problems found.

  • General setup & tracking checks
  • E-commerce setup checks
  • AdWords tracking & Campaign Tracking checks
  • Goal Setup checks
  • Site Search tracking checks

Google Analytics Heath Status Check

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Google Analytics Health Checker - Video Transcript

In this video we present the Google Analytics Health Status tool from

This is the ultimate audit tool for your Google Analytics setup. You can use it when taking on a new client to make sure their tracking doesn’t have major issues. It’s also a good idea to routinely check the status of all websites, just in case the programmers broke something during the latest site update. In short – use this tool on every analytics account you work with, in order to make sure you are working with good data.

The tool checks your settings, does analysis on your data and look for signs of issues. It currently does more than 50 checks in less than 10 seconds. This would normally take a trained web analyst at least half an hour to complete.

The checks are split in several groups – general, site search, goal tracking, AdWords campaign tracking, e-commerce transaction tracking and more.

You get a detailed audit report containing status and description for each check. When an issue is detected, you are presented with a description for the issue and with recommended fixes.

Now, let’s proceed with an example. First, select the view you want to check. Then, tick all options that apply to the website. In this example it is an e-commerce site, they are advertising on Google AdWords and they also have other advertising campaigns.

Then, press “Check Health”. The results usually take up to 10 seconds to appear.

First, we see the General section. It contains checks for the Google Analytics code and its placement, whether visits are tracked, whether site speed sample rate is good enough and others.

As you can see, the messages are informative and propose fixes, where such are not self-explanatory. In this case the tool suggests the usage of the siteSpeedSampleRate variable to fix the issue.

Then follows the Google Adwords section. As we can see campaigns are properly tagged and cost data is imported, but there is a big issue with discrepancies between ad clicks and visits to the site. Since this is not a definite fail, but since it is still something that can be a sign for several different issues, our tool shows a WARNing sign, so that you can consider investigating the issue.

You can see some other passes and fails in the site goals and e-commerce sections. Not all of our checks result in a message. Some of them will only show when they produce a fail or a warning.

That’s about it for our Google Analytics health status tool. We hope it’s useful in helping you follow best practices and evaluating your analytics data integrity.

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Tool Characteristics

Automation Partial / Full

Time-Saving 30x

Unique Tool Yes / No

API Only Yes / No

Expertise Level Novice / Experienced / Expert

What is covered in the checks?

The checks cover a few categories of property/profile setup as well as data quality issues: general tracking issues, general data quality issues, site search setup, goal setup, campaign tracking, AdWords tracking, E-Commerce tracking & data quality. Some checks are silent (display a result only if they detect an issue). You can validate any Google Analytics setup in mere seconds.