What does "Independent Variable" mean?

Definition of Independent Variable in the context of A/B testing (online controlled experiments).

What is an Independent Variable?

An independent variable is any variable that could not be influenced by the intervention we are testing. In a typical A/B test these could be a user's age, sec, location, internet speed, internet service provider, and so on. Such variables are usually used for segmentation and targeting. In an online controlled experiment the group to which a user is assigned is an independent variable decided on through randomization.

Contrast this to a dependent variable such as a conversion rate, bounce rate, purchase rate and so on which a conversion rate optimization expert can and hopefully is able to influence in a positive manner.

The requirement for variables to be independent is key in defining a statistical null hypothesis. Departures from independence can be established through mis-specification testing and if detected, a significance test that relies on this assumption is no longer adequate. The requirement for the variable being independent is often accompanied by the condition that they are also identically distributed.

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