Why this toolkit?

(you can read the technical stuff here and in each tool's page, this is a personal note)

Does web analytics have to be so hard?

Don't you ask yourself that question every day? Don't you hate going through hoops to get a simple task done, or the mechanical everyday work you have to do for each new site, each new analytics setup?

I know I do. I know I'd much prefer to spend my time digging into Google Analytics for some insight that might change mine or my client's business for the better than on doing standardized audits or following a checklist.

We also know something else - there is no other way to success than that of logic and empirical data. And in internet marketing this means accurate data about who does what, why they do it and how they go about doing it when using your website. In short: web analytics.

Is there an easier way?

Yes and no. A lot has been done in attempt to automate web analytics and internet marketing. New and advanced algorithms go live every day, but still we, humans, are the ones who are much better at this than the machines. Thus, most of the work still has to be done using our precious time if we are to have an edge over the competition.

The toolkit you are looking at is my attempt to make web analytics easier. It is the result of over two years of hard work: reflecting on my daily practices and processes as I perform Google Analytics setups, SEO, AdWords, and Usability/Conversion optimization reporting for me or for clients; thinking what can be improved, what can be automated and how.

I believe you'll find that it makes some of your routine analytics tasks a lot shorter and more pleasant. I believe it brings us a step closer to making analytics easy and fun. I've been using parts of it in my everyday activities during those 2 years and I it serves me well, so I believe it will serve you as well.

Maybe, but why even give it a try?

I've spent the past 13 years doing SEO, PPC and Analytics, working on my own websites, working for clients, giving lectures and speeches at conferences and trainings. During those years I've developed a good understanding of what it means to be a good internet marketing professional. I know what one needs to perform good, data-driven internet marketing.

A lot of that know-how is now in this toolkit and I believe it can work for your success, if you give it a chance. What took me 13 years to discover is just one click away for you.

Take it for a ride. Watch our previews and demos, test the tools yourself with actual data. Poke around for a week or two, explore the ways it can make web analytics easier for you. I promise you you'll be more than happy with your choice.


Georgi Georgiev
Founder @ Analytics-Toolkit.com
Owner @ Web Focus LLC


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