web-revenue.xyz Google Analytics Referrer Spam

Does web-revenue.xyz appear in your Google Analytics referral reports? Information on web-revenue.xyz referral spam and how to stop it below.

What is web-revenue.xyz?

web-revenue.xyz is one of the latest examples of Google Analytics referral spam that our monitoring tools have picked up. This is a domain, used by spammers who target Google Analytics and other tracking tools. If you're seeing traffic from this domain then your analytics account has been a victim of spammers.

The first thing you need to remember is to NOT VISIT web-revenue.xyz! The goal of the spammers is exactly that - to get you to visit the URL in question and then purchase services or products from them, same as e-mail spam. In some cases there might be malware on the page that could harm your computer.

Some spam is from bots actually visiting your site and executing the Google Analytics script while other is ghost traffic that bypasses your server and targets GA directly. Unlike bot spam, ghost traffic appears only in Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Spam example of referrer spam in Google Analytics

Can traffic from web-revenue.xyz hurt my site?

Traffic, appearing as coming from web-revenue.xyz in your reports poses no direct harm to your site, aside from the minor amounts of traffic that the bot variety will incur on your server. Despite what some SEO specialists might claim this type of spam has no effect on Google rankings whatsoever.

However, such traffic pollutes your Google Analytics reports and can skew your data, sometimes to the point of making it unusable. This is especially true for sites that get small to medium amounts of daily traffic. If you rely on Google Analytics data to make business decisions, then having data that is as clean as possible should be a top priority.

How can I stop or block web-revenue.xyz referrer spam?

If you manage a couple of sites only you can try and monitor for bot referral spam and then block it on the server level. However, this will not stop ghost referral spam from getting in your Google Analytics reports.

The recommended way is to setup view filters in Google Analytics - an include filter for the valid hostnames and an exclude filter for the Campaign Source dimension, filtering out "web-revenue.xyz". This is the easiest and most scalable solution (scalable to an extent). You can see why other options are non-options or have significant shortcomings in the recommended articles linked just below.

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