Advanced URL Builder

Quickly generate tagged URLs for the custom advertising activities you want to track in Google Analytics (premium display campaigns, CPC campaigns in Facebook, Bing, etc.). Use it now: Sign In or Start Free Trial.

Tag URLs for Campaign Tracking

Every advertising activity you invest any kind of resources in should be properly tracked. While Google Analytics and Google AdWords play nicely together, other advertising sources don't. Tag your Facebook, Bing and other campaigns' URLs for Analytics. Tracking your campaigns allows you to measure success and make improvements in your campaigns based on the data.

  • No need to go to the Google Help Center
  • Automation helps you quickly generate multiple addresses

Advanced Google Analytics URL Builder

Tool Characteristics

Automation Partial / Full

Time-Saving 5X

Unique Tool Yes / No

API Only N/A

Expertise Level Novice / Experienced / Expert

How to use the URL Buidler tool?

Fill in the corresponding fields. Make sure to keep to a convension - a campaign name should be written exactly the same way for each URL, belonging to it. Press the button to see your URL. You can also use the tool to generate multiple URLs easily.

The tool automatically URL encodes data (very helpful for non-latin languages) and automatically replaces intervals. This minimizes the risk of URL malformation, which can otherwise occur in many instances.

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